Why you should not focus on making your games inclusive and target new audiences instead
Sergey Galyonkin

Kinda ironic that my favorite game of all time , Riven ,which is a sequel to Myst a game that remained a top seller for over a decade and would be ideal for +50 years olds today since it has zero combat, is just a click and play atmospheric puzzle game. A game that should not succeed in a market dominated by real time FPS , but in the end it did out sell them all without even blinking. Whats even more ironic is that it was another “50+” slow game that took the crown from Myst, Sims.

This is the problem with overgeneralizing , in the end, nothing is general, everything is personal. By the way , yes I love action based games and Myst and Riven are the only click and play games I really like. Oh and I added The Room recently on this list.

I don’t think people go out seeking for specific games anyway since they know there are like billions of ways they can have fun. Also I don’t see why a 50 year old would not have even better reflexes than a 18 year old. When I was 16 I had my ass delivered to my hands by a 70 year old in a basketball game , of course he did not smoke and he was playing basketball non stop, but so did I . He had the reflexes of a jaguar. He just practiced more than me and in the end that is all. Not age, just practice.

Plus many of us who are 30+ gamers 50s is not far away. So I think that still gaming market is in a state of flux , today is this way, tomorrow will be another thing. Its extremely hard to predict how well a game will fair even if its not inclusive.

We should not forgot that it was recently that so many were declaring the pc game market dead, replaced by iOS and Android games. Another prediction fallen into the abyss of failed predictions.

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