First, let’s talk about market.
Eric Elliott

“The mobile gaming market is now responsible for more than half of the entire gaming industry.”

Nonetheless you link into article that says that mobile is 37% of the total market and that link is based on a survey I linked to my original comment which obviously you did not bother to read. Typical web developer hype.

Big words , zero facts.

“But you lose 20% of your users for every click it takes to install your game, and it’s an average of six clicks for native apps vs one for progressive web apps. Starting with 1000 players you now have 262 native players vs 800 PWA players. This is overlooking the fact that it’s much harder to convince someone to click “install” than visit a URL.”

Again the link you provided proves you wrong.

Well wait… that is not right …. let me correct this

Again the link you provided proves you EXTREMELY wrong.

Mobile , PC and Console which are platforms that depend on installations are occupying over 96% of the market . The games that do not “lose 20% of you users for every click” , aka Web Games, are just a 4% and is shrinking. That means your 20% is actually 4% and soon enough will be close to zero. I think we can safely reach the conclusion that average user does not give a rat ass if he has to click and install to play a fun game. But then that's no surprise.

Actually its safer to assume from this numbers that the vast majority of users don’t take serious games that do not need to be installed.

“As for tools, Unity and Unreal Engine have both been working hard on their web platform exports (see the DeadTrigger2 demo), but for a mobile WebGL-native experience, check out PlayCanvas, which offers a Unity/Unreal Engine style game production environment on the web platform, and targets mobile browsers by default.”

Define “working hard”. I cannot speak for Unity but Unreal which is what I use is indeed supporting web games/apps with the ability to create such games BUT their main focus by 90% remains all the other platforms. Its also no secret that unlike Unity , Unreal started as a PC engine and still remains a largely PC orientated game engine. How I know all this ? Simple I watch tutorials and screencasts from the official Unreal Engine YouTube channel. Just few days ago they had a preview screencast for the latest version that is about to be released 4.14 , 1 hour and 20 minutes , not even 1 minute mention of Web Apps/Games.

As far as games is concerned , my bet is super safe for now.

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