3 steps to get you started coding for the Web

After I finished my last term in AIESEC this June, I had a lot of free time and a lot of appetite for work (yes, I am a workaholic). First thing one my mind: to start something of my own, but I had no clue what.

But I knew one thing. No matter what I do, a little a bit of web development will come in handy.

Of course, I knew a lot about web development, having done a few personal and professional work in the past, but after long inactivity and the feeling that my knowledge was pretty swallow, I wanted to start over. So that’s what I did and here is my journey.

1st Step. Downloaded the most needed tool. The text-editor.

How a text-editor looks like. The files of your project in the left, coding in the right. (Brackets.io)

Web development always starts from an empty file opened in a text-editor of your liking. Is that the Notepad++, the famous Sublime Text Adobe’s Brackets or my new favorite Visual Studio Code. It doesn’t matter. They all help you write, edit and save your code and if you want to start doing so, you better first to install one of them.

2nd Step. Find your teacher

Even if you just want to start and never have touched a single line of code, learning to so these days is a peace of cake.

The reason: the wonderful world of unlimited knowledge, called the Web! Articles, webinars, eBooks, interactive lessons, forums and the list goes on of channels where you can learn everything about how to build a website.

But if you are just beginning you need someone to take you by the hand and teach you the basics.

Meet codecademy. An educational platform just for what we want. Starting from the basics, it teaches you every little thing, by combining theory and practice. Just see the screenshot below.

A screenshot of codecademy lesson. At the left it has a simple lesson and instructions for your homework. At the center is a simple text editor to write your code. and at the right an emulator, which shows everything you code.

The whole thing is like a game, with levels and badges to reward you for the progress you made, making the process of learning easy and entertaining.

3rd Step. Start building you own website

I find it always important to have a personal goal when learning. So the first goal I set was to build my own personal website. Nothing fancy. I pictured the design I wanted in my mind, I sketched it and started coding my way through. I didn’t always knew how to do it, but having that goal, made learning easier and more personal.

Always trust in the coding community!

Yes that’s an extra, but an important one. Trying to code something can be frustrating (and there is a web full of memes to prove it).

But google your problem and rest assured that you will always find a helping hand, either in an article or in stackoverflow.com, a forum build just to help programmers ask & find solutions to all their code problems. The coding community is extra active and determined in solving every problem, even if it’s not theirs. :P

So, don’t be afraid. Learn how to code and starting building the web you like!