BaaS, a bespoke development business model based on KPI

I believe we are uniquely positioned as an IT company that delivers Brains as a Service.

At Clubit our most precious resource is our collective brain. We are a small team of specialists, and we operate like a small high-availability cloud. Each of us is owner of a few special skills. All of our skills have a second team member as backup. This way we can guarantee continuity in our service.

I do not like the typical billable-hours consulting approach, because we are commited to results. This is why we try to find a KPI together with our customers at the beginning of every project. This KPI will be the basis for our revenue, not our hours spent on development.

Our approach is to think in a context where everything is automated as much as possible. Not only to save money, but more importantly to serve our customers in the best way possible in an everchanging world.