Blockchain and its impact on financial institutions

Over the course of the last few months I’ve been immersed in blockchain technology. I have come into contact with some of the most (and some of the least) interesting people I’ve met in years. I found it inspiring to see how the recent developments herald the end of an age.

The challenges we face today are not of a technological, but more of a human nature.

For years large corporations have been building walls around their technological prowess, but now it seems the foundations of those walls are built on quicksand.

Blockchain use cases all point towards a shared platform between untrusting parties, promising a huge cost-saving if done right.

Can we change the way companies think in such a way that they cooperate openly on a joint venture? To share their data in a private way with their competition?

I think in a world that is becoming more informed and more aware about technological changes, the individual is taking back control of his life. David is challenging Goliath, and I put my coin on the little man. I don’t think Golath will perish, but his role could change from 1984-control behemoth to a Big Friendly Giant that enables mankind.

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