5 Ways To Find Your Art: That Activity you use when you are in a hard situation

So for me art is this amazing thing. It is more than just art; it is therapeutic for me. There are other words that you can call it but that is the word that I chose to use. It is something that I do when I am stressed or need to get my mind off something. If I am at a place I use my sketchbook, even over my iphone! It is great to have something that allows me to escape the stresses of the world. It also says something because I study art and so a lot of my stress is art. So by art I mean my personal art that I do for fun. I think that everyone should have something like this, here are some steps to help you find it.

  1. Find something that you can commit to: Now this may take a while it almost certainly won’t happen overnight. I actually was not a artsy person for a lot of my life. But, it is more than that. Obviously you have to like the activity but if you want it to be effective you need to commit to it, so skydiving might not be a great choice. Saying that…
  2. Remember that you can’t escape your troubles forever: If you are using this to escape stress or distract you that is great but the problems will still be there. But having something allows you to slow down. I am a very impulsive person so art helps me calm down and makes me thing before I make a decision I regret.
  3. Be Realistic: I don’t mean to be rude but if you are like me (not a math person) don’t pick calculus as your activity. Another thing to think about is your ability to do it. If you like I don’t know a warm weather activity and you live in upstate New York, where we don’t have a lot of warm weather, then that activity might not be the best choice. Also, be realistic that you will NOT be perfect right away or maybe ever. However…
  4. That’s Okay and Have Fun With it!: The idea of this is to be a relief. It is not about the product it is about the journey and calming down. Nobody should judge your work or whatever you are doing this is a personal thing for yourself only. Make sure it is something that you really enjoy and can be proud of regardless of the results. Lastly…
  5. Go out of your comfort zone: This is a chance to try something that you have never done before. Don’t be afraid. Going back to the last point, nobody should judge you. If you want to learn how to cook and that makes you calm well do it! The key to all of this is to do it for you.

Just so that you have some ideas here are some activities I quickly thought of: Music, making videos, art (lots of types of art), running or some other type of sport, building model or puzzles and cooking.

Okay one more point; you might say ha this guy used therapeutic. I don’t need therapy. True, but everyone has stresses and worries and gets overwhelmed. It is just part of the human race. So therefore I think having an activity would help everyone. One more thing I forgot to mention this should be something you can be able to do by yourself because that way if people are busy or not around you can still do it.

I hope this helps check out my art on instagram at dimperfectartist. Let me know if you have any ideas for art or any topics you want to hear about.

Also shout out to Peter Hollens, Eppic and everyone that did the Hamilton medley. I was listening to it while I wrote this. So you should check it out!