My princess’ big leap

It’s June, in some parts of the country it is time when your little one starts a new journey. A journey that the child and the parent look forward to. But with the beginning of this month, also comes a gush of emotions more for me than for her, butterflies in my stomach…..wait a minute, it’s not mine but my little girl’s first day in a kindergarten.

Today was the parents orientation program at my daughter’s school. As my husband and I walked past the play ground towards the auditorium the first thought that struck my mind was, Oh my god!!! my daughter will start going to a big school, a school where there are 3000 students. The walk to the auditorium was none less than a slow motion flashback scene of a typical bollywood movie. Wrapped in a cloud of nostalgia, I was reminded of that moment when I first heard the doctor says it’s a GIRL, the first time I held her in my arms, the memory so vivid that it could have been yesterday. The years had indeed gone too soon. I wished if she could be chotu baby (a term used by us to refer to an infant) again. In fact it was yesterday evening when I was having a playful chat with my daughter, all of a sudden she said, “Mammu I want to be a chotu baby, I want to crawl”

Studies reveal that parents are five times more likely to be in tears on their child’s first day

In my case it is probably true. My daughter did not cry while going to playschool either. On the other hand it was me who wished her a nice day with teary eyes. But this time it is more than that. This time she goes to a so called BIG school from where starts her fresh trial of fun, laughter, best friends, academics and a lot more. It is like a big box full of surprise and fun each day of her life for at least next 14 years. As I write this, it makes me feel proud as she sets of to fly high up in the air.

Just like my princess, I am excited and all set for THE BIG DAY tomorrow, her first day in the new school. I promise to kiss her goodbye tomorrow not with teary eyes but with a smiling face.

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