This article is a short tutorial for all you self-trackers who want to see and play around with your personal Samsung Health data.

If you have a Samsung mobile phone, you are probably familiar with the “Samsung Health” app that comes preinstalled with it.

“Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge Processed knowledge is Wisdom.”

I love tracking data about myself.
Recently I heard of the term “self-tracker”, so I researched about it and ever since, I adopted the term and happy to describe myself as one.

The concept of using technology to collect data about myself and then analyzing that data just out of curiosity, or to better understand different aspects of myself has always sounded interesting to me, both as an engineer and as a researcher.

These personal analytics I collect range from tracking how much coffee I drink every day…

Hi cool medium writers and readers👋, I really enjoy to read all the great articles and links you share here. Keep on! 👍

Except for being a freelance developer 💻 working for clients and startups, I always try to leave about 10% of my time to work on side projects, mostly for fun and to learn and experience new things. By the way, all of my side projects are free and open source.
You are welcome to check some of my fun projects on my personal website []

The current side project I'm working in is a chrome…

Why I moved away from Brackets

I was a Brackets user for over a year. Everything about this text editor was perfect for me. For starters, the packages manager was much more beginner friendly than Sublime. Also, there were always new updates which seemed to make my text editor more and more powerful with each update. But a few months ago I started to feel the pain of the slow speed of Brackets. This nearly broke my heart as I had put so much time and effort customizing the perfect setup for my needs.

Why VS Code?

Yes, I choose VS Code. And yes I wasn’t sold the first…

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