AdroitLogic IPS — One platform to rule them all

We, AdroitLogic, started 2017 with the whispers of our next generation of UltraESB developed on top of the very flexible, extensible and lightweight Project-X platform. Not only that, we facilitated development of your ESB integration logic using UltraStudio, a graphical interface rendered on top of the IDE(A). However, this wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to develop a platform that minimizes the overhead in deployment and management of large ESB clusters.

Imagine a platform that:

  • can spawn any number of ESB instances within a few seconds

Then, AdroitLogic Integration Platform Server (IPS), our latest container based multi node integration platform, is the perfect solution for you.

With IPS, deployment of ESBs has become extremely simple. You just have to upload your project to IPS and select the ESB cluster which should deploy the specified project, and IPS will automatically proceed with the deployment. Want to keep multiple ESB clusters dedicated to different tasks? Integration Platform facilitates this as a core feature. ESBs starving for resources due to high demand? Simply configure a new machine and connect it to IPS network. Platform will automatically detect the new machine and distribute the workload to it without interrupting other components.

Lastly, have a glance over this walkthrough of the management console of IPS that covers core functionalities of the platform.

Introducing the AdroitLogic Integration Platform

Stay tuned for more interesting news!



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