Startup Vs Campfire

Everyone in life wants to create something new and unique. The process of this creation fills the person with the joy, passion and enthusiasm. Everyone gets ideas to create something new but most people let it pass by and some do go with it enjoying the journey towards the visionary destination. Everyday new things are being created like art, music, paint, cars, bikes, toys, products, services, houses, books, food, company and a lot. And most of these products come from the vision of the creator.

Many start-ups born to create something new, some enjoy the journey and exceed the vision of the creator, some just make it and some loose it on the way. Yes, setting up start-up and being successful is comparable to setting up the campfire. Hope this article explains and helps those future entrepreneurs on the way.

Your idea is like a spark which ultimately needs to be transformed to the fire same way the campfire is created from a small spark. If you are on the way to make it fire you do enjoy the journey and have fun along the way, otherwise it may be not so happy and satisfactory journey.

When preparing campfire, it’s not just fire-starter but you need wood too. Some wood may not catch fire for long while some would get it quickly. Same way when you have an idea, some people will agree with your idea and many people in your known circle will not support it or talk against it or put it down. If you have all of wet wood or un-supporting situations it means you are either at wrong place or not ready for taking your idea to the level you want to. Its same as you trying to put campfire and you only have wet wood blocks, wet leaves, wet coal, wind, rain etc.

All un-supporting people or critics are like wet wooden blocks. You don’t throw wet woods away but keep at corners so that these do get warmed/dried up once fire starts. These may not be like fire-starters or quick fire catcher but will help you at later stage.

At starting stage, you looking for fire-starters and wood or material which catches fire quickly. Once fire gets going these wet wood blocks start to dry up and take the fire. Longer they take to catch the fire, longer these block going keep the fire going for. Same way once your idea has taken off properly your critics/competitions will start drying up and supporting your idea. But if you start with wet wood block its very unlikely you would be able to put the fire on time or at all. It will be very hard work.

At start you only looking for starters which give life to your spark and protecting it from unsupportive conditions. Identify your spark and what are starters, dry woods, wet woods for you, also what are the conditions like. Don’t waste your spark at wet wooden block to start with, wait until its full fire. Eventually all the wet wood will catch fire and your campfire will be so noticed by surrounding without getting marketed or advertised.

Joy of campfire is for few hours while joy of startup is for years or life time. All the best.

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