apm install atom-beautify prettier-atom atom-spotify2 atom-transpose case-keep-replace change-case copy-path duplicate-line-or-selection editorconfig file-icons git-plus highlight-selected local-history project-manager related set-syntax sort-lines sublime-style-column-selection tab-foldername-index sync-settings toggle-quotes atom-wrap-in-tag atom-ternjs autoclose-html autocomplete-modules color-picker docblockr emmet emmet-jsx-css-modules es6-javascript js-hyperclick hyperclick pigments linter-eslint tree-view-copy-relative-path lodash-snippets language-babel react-es7-snippets atom-jest-snippets one-dark-ui dracula-theme
The Ultimate Atom Editor Setup (+for JS/React)
Elad Ossadon

Please put a TL;DR link to this in the beginning :-D

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