My first steps in Sketching

Hello UX/UI world
So…Here are the results of my very first (!) sketching experience. The idea was to take graphic notes while watching Youtube video.Please, don’t judge me too harshly :)
At the same time, please feel free to give me your opinions. Each and every one is extremely valuable for me!

But let’s get back to verbal communication…
Like probably every new experience, this one caused 100500 different feeling- from a super-light form of frustration till excitement. First, it took me about 15–20 sec to synchronize my ears, brain and hands in order to make them work together on “translating” the words and ideas from a playing video into pictures. Then the process of picking the key words from a speech was becoming more and more interesting. At the same time, the lack of drawing practice was not letting me make all the “picture notes” fast enough.

Did it help me engage? Yes and No. No- at the beginning, when I was making very first shapes, all my concentration was focused on one point at a time-either the speech or my sketch. Yes- later,after about 5 min of video and few shapes made, I’ve started thinking deeper about the subject I was drawing- the problem’s background, the feelings of people described and interesting solutions offered.
After completing the task I was already so curious about “what is next?”- how would the process go if I get to see the same video again? And I did it again… It definitely worth it. Because only by practicing one can improve the skills. During the second visual note-taking the lines are getting more defined, the cycles more round, objects- more recognizable. And the whole understanding of how to picture something comes faster. At this point I am totally sure that with constant practice, the sketching skills will improve dramatically very soon.