Dear President Obama: Before You Go, Stop the Syrian Genocide Forever
Barry Golson

From reading your article, I dont think you know a lot about the situation in Syria, the things that you seems to know is more from the news more than reality. It’s very easy for you to look to the situation in western eyes and say that Assad regime is murder when you dont live the war. what happening now in Syria is an agency war, and if you really like about the humanitarian situation there, I would like to see to invite your president to put more pressure on Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop financing the war and stop sending weapons, and fighters to Syria. There is nothing called “moderate rebels” once you decided to use weapons, you already part of the war and you very likely to kill innocent men and women, the same exact thing what USA did when they killed our 50 Syrian citizen “by mistake” last month. and for the picture you post on “al Kindi hospital” — “the moderate rebels” bombed the hospital — I can tell you that in very confident as i am from Aleppo. Dabbit maternity hospital in Aleppo also been bombed in Aleppo by rebels and no one talked about it just because it dosent serve the idea that Assad regime is only the criminal here. by Asking your president to use take the heavy weapons and tanks to remove Assad will lead for more war, more innocent people will be killed and ofcorse will bring us the same scenario in Iraq and Libya . Its very easy to say your words when you dont live the war.

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