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Lacy, I’m sure anyone can bring up examples from their personal lives that agrees or disagrees with what I wrote. I totally understand your point of view. I really was talking about on a larger scale. Of course some companies do better than others, and some women hold higher positions than men. I cannot argue that point.

As for your second point. I am actually not mocking at all. I am all about different views and opinions. The woman who wrote the post I responded to was also allowed to have her own opinion and I encourage that. But, to bash women for walking and fighting for the rights they believe are threatened does not sit well with me — hence the tone of this piece. I totally understand how and why some are having a negative reaction to this — it is the internet after all — but I do appreciate you reading this and giving it some thought. That’s all I asked. Thanks again. I hope we can have a conversation soon.

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