Just wondering, what stories your daughter will have to share of her experiences with her…
Puneet Srivastava

She will have many. Her favorite thing to do is play cards with her Over Oma (Great Grandmother in Dutch). Also my Oma is smart. She has a bowl of smarties in her room and when the kids come to visit they always get to come and say hi and get some Candy. She is not above plying them with Candy. I know she did it to me :-)

They also know that Over Oma can fix any hole in a stuffy, pants, shirt, bags, or dress. She was a professional seamstress and all her great grandchildren (ok and grandchildren) still bring her most of our mending :-).

They also do tea parties where they use the china her mother used with her when she was only 8. Both her Great Grandaughters love doing that.

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