Who is the Villain of Mahabharata?

(Redefining Indian Epic.It’s my way.)

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I will try with my views.
In my view Mahabharata is the mixture of unusual love stories,Desires of Kings,Jealousy …etc
The villain of Mahabharat is not just Shakuni,Duryodhan,Gandhaari…

It’s Arishadvargaas
Kama -lust
Mada -Pride

If you observe the Mahabharata as an epic/Mythological story you will make one of characters as villain.But take it in Psychological or other ways these arishadvargaas played the key roll in Mahabharata.

Let me explain the characters now..
1.Santhanu’s Moha on Satyavathi affected the Kingdom in worse ways like Devavratha(Bhishma) never be the real ruler to Kingdom.He became just protector of Kuru Vamsha in the entire Story.

2.Krodha of Dhritarashtra on his brother’s skills,fame made him the doll by not taking the right decisions at right time.(Pandu Raju known to be a talented warrior.Dritharashtra felt depressed/inferior about the victory of his brother)

3.The usual desires of Hasthinapura kings on other kingdoms.(Shakuni made his revenge on Kuru Vamsha because they are defeated Gandhara Kingdom and tortures all the heirs.)

4.Moha on Draupadi made Duryodhana(because of him all Kauravas came into picture),Keechaka,Jayadradha(Saindhava) life’s miserable.

5.Matasarya of Gandhari on Kunti’s son’s and their talents made her poisionous and she is unable to get out of it and made many mistakes.

There are more characters which you have to know in this way.But for now it’s enough that you have recognized the Uttama villain(Best Villan) of Mahabharata.

“Whatever that is in Mahabharata all that is there in this world and viceversa.

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