Rituals — fad or game changer?

Actually we all have rituals in our lives. These are our strategies or habits that we execute every day. Unfortunately for most people their rituals do not lead to the results they want.

As you know, the habits you have now can only get you what you are getting now. I became acutely aware that I was very busy but not accomplishing much. I realized that I needed to create better habits.

When I started to deliberately introduce rituals in my life, a number of great things happened.

One such ritual is to reset my focus and it proved to be extremely effective.

I became more focused to stay with what I wanted to achieve for the day.

What I am talking about here is to align my attention to my intention.

This was very important to me because before I took the time to re-focus I was all over the place.

I used to start with a task and then interrupt myself to do something else and before I knew it two hours had passed and I still hadn’t completed what I intended.

For example: I would start writing a blog when I remembered I had to follow up on an email or call. The blog writing would be out of my attention span. From the call or email, I would then do something else and so on and so on….

So although I had a goal, I would mismatch that goal. Of course procrastination, perfectionism and fear of failure all come into play and actually just became excuses to avoid the task at hand.

Sounds familiar? But why?

Many say this is typically a sign of ADHD, but it is not that.

No, this is not attention deficit disorder, it is intention deficit disorder

When we have an explicit why we are doing something, self-discipline becomes effortless. This can only happen when we know where we are heading, why that is important to us and how the tasks we set out to do fit into that plan.

Previously I had sort of a plan and a mile-long to-do list without strategically knowing how it all fits together and moving the needle towards achieving my vision.

That has all changed. When I created a clear vision and set up the milestones and goals to get me there, I knew what, why and how that would move me forward. For the first time I could see real progress.

Now, one of my rituals every day is to start my day setting my intention and checking in hourly with myself on what I have been and am paying attention to. I check that it is aligned with my intention, acknowledge and count what I have accomplished, take a deep breath visualizing what the end product would look like and how I would feel. Then I would continue…

So what happened here…

· First I took responsibility for my results

· I decided what outcome I wanted

· Next I created a strategy to achieve the outcome

· Then I trained my brain to work in a different way and establish a new habit

· I felt good and gratified achieving my outcome

· That inspired me to do it again.

It is becoming easier to stay focused and complete tasks quicker, giving me space in between to breathe, relax and smile. I am doing from a whole new way of being.

What helped me a lot was mastering my emotions. If you haven’t done so already, get your Free Gift to feel Calm Confident in any situation!

I hope this inspires you to introduce rituals into your life to give you what you want.

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