Create a Vision Board

Have you thought about creating a Vision Board this year? I believe doing a Vision Board for the Year is a Must. I create 3 Vision Boards Every Year. This Vision Board is my Business Vision Board for 2016. On my Board is a Reminder of everything I need to complete and launch this year. My Vision Board reminds me that my Email List needs to grow to 10K or more this year, I need to launch 4 Courses. This Board also reminds me to continue growing my Podcast (my Podcast’s are released every Monday and Friday) and to keep enrolling students in the 30 Day Challenge. My other Vision Boards are a Personal Vision Board for our Family that reminds my family of our goals, our travels, and our to do lists for the year. My last Vision Board is my “Mantra” for the year. I refer back to this one all the time, to make sure I do not loose sight of my personal and business goals for the year. I encourage you to do your Vision Boards as soon as possible if you have not done yours yet. I created my on Canva but that is because I love Canva. You can use anything that works for you. Another good option for you might be to create your Vision Boards on Pinterest, you can keep them private if you don’t want to share them.

In my Embrace Your Brand Style Course I teach you how to put together your Vision Boards in more detail. If you want more information on My Branding Course just click Here.

I would love to know if you already have a Vision Board, or if this inspired you to start creating yours. Let me know in the comments below or tag my on Instagram @dinamariejoy.

You are Brandtastic!!!!