Our collection of dangerous password habits

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Photo from Mark Burnett on Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0

When you log in to Facebook, Instagram, or any other site requiring login, how do you do it? Do you faithfully recite all 8 to 9 characters of your password? Or do you opt for your browser’s automatic login keychain? If you behave like 86% of internet users, Pew Research password statistics show you memorize your passwords.

While conventional password-creation wisdom has taught us to include special characters, use a mix of upper and lowercase, and toss in some numbers, what if your password complexity doesn’t matter? Further, if we constantly create insecure passwords, or just reuse the same one…

Build Side Projects to Prove You’re Ready

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Photo from TechCrunch on Flickr

The dust has just settled after another turbulent year of college career fairs, internship interviews, offers, and rejections. Although your entire friend group apparently aced their interviews, you flopped. A CS senior myself, I also have collected my fair share of interview catastrophes. But don’t let rejection demotivate you. Perhaps your surface-level 30-minute interview did not demonstrate your true problem-solving aptitude.

Prove your interview naysayers wrong.

Your friends signed away three months of their lives, but you can spend three months however you wish. Three months to learn what you want. Three months to practice, improve. …

How one click can ruin your track

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Photo from Sergio Boscaino on Flickr

Picture that you’ve just recorded the perfect take. To preserve your pristine recording, you devote an equally careful editing session. After pouring many hours, slaving over your track’s balance, instrument mix, and fixing those subtle imperfections, you now want to share your polished track with the rest of the world. So you export to MP3 and upload to SoundCloud.

Rookie mistake!

Although your export or bounce menu options seem trivial, not all file formats treat your precious track equally. Even worse, some formats will purposefully degrade sound quality. Your refined recording and editing skills could disappear before reaching your listeners’…

David Alteis

Computer Science & Mathematics Senior @ Virginia Tech, Previous Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft, Music Composer.

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