I always admired computers and the technology behind. So as soon as the internet and distance learning technologies were ripe enough I delved into an CS-BS degree program [at UoPeople] along with some extra MOOCs. I’m here because I believe we learn better with an hour practice compared to hundreds of hours of reading textbooks.

I focus primarily improving my Python and Java skills. I’d like to be a full-fledged programmer in a couple of years (before 2019 precisely). For now I’m more interested in data science fields like data mining and information retrieval but in time I guess I’ll have a variety of other kind of projects at hand.

I give a special importance to rapid communication, most preferably teleconferencing via Skype [dtaspinar] or Hangouts . But I’ll sure be in touch with friends in forums or by email as well. Wish you good luck and excited to be the part of the most enthusiastic community on Earth.

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