The “Minimum”

Stop Seeing the Sunny Side Up and Pollyanna Routine!

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Pleasing everyone does not bring the success, not necessarily. So, stop collecting diplomas, badges and certificates all around and start to understand the problem that you want to deal with and focus on your solution.

Yes, key-words here are “focus” and “solution”.

Listening to Silicon Valley’s stories and trying to copy them won’t take you to the top of the world. You need to find your own problem to solve. Crafting and painting some solutions, if there is no real problem attach to it, will only be your nightmares, trust me. Just make sure you are solving the real/right problem.

By the way, finding the “problem” is not easy or enough as you might think. So, be aware!

And then there it comes, the “Minimum”.

- Minimum Income (call your mom & ask allowance)

- Minimum Number of People (your team/who believes you)

- Minimum Time (c’mon, hurry up)

- Minimum Living Space (bed and shower will do it)

- Minimum Food (i am serious, just don’t die)

Basically, you need to know how to survive with minimum of everything, especially if you are a 1st Time Entrepreneur. Oops! No one told you this yet!

Don’t worry! Your “dime-a-dozen & worthless” idea will become a million dollar business. Just be patient, trust your gut and follow your instincts. That’s how it works.

Good Luck!

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