#amwriting — the official SOUNDTRACK

I write WITH music but edit WITHOUT.

Pick a theme song for when you write!

I was looking forward to this question. So. Much!

*cracks knuckles*

Playlists! Playlists everywhere!

I’m a sucker for making writing playlists. (I think I mentioned this somewhere.) Granted, when I get into “the zone” I tend to completely ignore it, but the subconscious effect is still there. (I think. I don’t know, obviously, or it wouldn’t be subconscious.)

Generally speaking, I make playlists to fit the overall theme of the piece I’m writing. Some people I know can switch between “action scene music” or “inner monologue music” but given that I tend to write chronologically, I’m not changing the music every time there’s a change in pacing.

Additionally, such playlists can keep me in the vibe of the writing even when I’m not. They keep ideas floating at the front of my brain while commuting, or just grocery shopping.

With music — in a way — I don’t get interrupted writing even if I’m interrupted in the actual writing.

For Meta | Between the Lights, since its dominating theme is noir, I’ve made a noir playlist, from a few standalone songs and most of the soundtracks from the Marvel shows on Netflix. (Ok, not most, but Jessica Jones and Daredevil.)

If I had to pick a theme song for the story, though, it’d definitely be You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen.

Just stop reading and listen:

This song is just so perfectly fitting for the mood it gives me goosebumps. And no matter how many times I listen to it on repeat (I tend to do that) I still find undiscovered bits in it that just put the entire music in a new perspective. And the lyrics, too, are beautiful. ❤️

Music is a crucial component of my writing. I’ve talked about being a “cinematic writer” in that I see the movie version playing in my head and then put it on paper. And the soundtrack can make or break that movie.

And when editing, I keep it in mind — if the music starts playing in my head while I’m reading back what I’ve written, I know it’s in a good place. (That’s why I write with music but edit without.)

Thank you for reading!

Write, document, repeat. This is my experiment, mixing different platforms and media, to tell many different stories within the singular narrative of the life of a working writer. The good, bad, and ugly; the mundane and spectacular.

It’s an experiment in documenting my life as creating the life of others: characters, worlds, science and fantasy. It comes from the practice of private journaling, that has been such a blast and useful practice. To the extent that I thought: why not make these stories public?

Over time you’ll, shall you follow along, see me grow and get better. You’ll gain a peek into telling stories, each distinctively different yet sharing the same universe. That’s just how it goes, and it’s a fascinating endeavor, if I say so myself, to work within the confines of a single literary (and, in time, perhaps otherwise) universe, where the most basic law is the butterfly effect.

I cannot emphasize how much it means to me having You here. Please, get in touch with me, and let me know what you think.

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Use whatever platform feels right to you.

Again, thank you! I really appreciate you being here.