Meshfire: a love story

Sonnet (to Ember)

If we to tweet, who will help clear the noise?

Is there a path to find that sets us free?

As sweet as air, as graced as women’s poise,

As bright as light, and smart to know our need?

So long we searched, so long we tried to find,

Like love itself: elusive prize to claim;

Many have tried, but few could walk the line,

What should be fun is now in stress and shame.

But here’s this girl, all fired up to play,

Our tweets are her music, she’s here to dance;

Killing boredom, with poise and ease she came,

No goal’s too huge, no “post and take a chance”.

Ember, darling, we welcome Thee to stay,

Help us make this crazy world of ours great!

(Hey: it’s Shakespearean, not Shakespeare! And I’m just starting to get back in the poetry game, so leave me alone! :-P)

Enter Meshfire.

So, Meshfire, huh?

I’ll be honest: for the first week and a half, I was skeptical. Things didn’t work as I expected them to, I was frustrated by not finding my way around things and it was just not what I thought it’d be…


Meshfire has missions. You can define different accounts for different missions, recruit different team members to each, set thresholds for task expiry, track different stats…

Ingredients of awesome

One fire to warm them all

  • Feedly
  • Buffer
  • Bitly
  • Flickr
  • SurveyMonkey
  • + Slack


+ Support

How many companies can you name where the CEO and CMO answers your stupid (well, mine are stupid, yours might be actually clever) questions on Facebook? And while there are bugs (which love affair is without a couple of them? Roses and thorns, you know!), they are 1) not afraid to admit it; 2) fixing them.

Are you still here?

It’s extremely rare (and surprising, given the vibrant startup culture happening everywhere) when a company is able to create a perfect tool for the job. It comes from *deeply* understanding their audience, their goals and their scope.



Writer, nerd. He/him.

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