Today, it’d be outside of most of our comfort zones to leave work for an hour to take a walk and explicitly do nothing — and even more challenging to do it with your phone turned off.
Creative geniuses take walks
Rob Howard

I think it’s more about the spirit of having a break, not necessarily actually going for a walk.

When taken as a metaphor, rather than as verbatim advice, it’s practical and easy.

I write a stretch, and then catch up on Snapchat stories from my friends and people I follow. I go back writing, and take a break by editing something else.

Yes, taking a walk in nature is great: it’s healthy and I cannot recommend it enough. Even if it’s for five minutes in a park in the middle of a busy city, it’s worth every second of it. I aim to do it as much as I possibly can.

That said, “taking a break” doesn’t have to be a nature walk, or even predicated on “finding a lull moment”. I completely believe, because I’m actually deploying it in my own life, that being productive in a different way serves just as good as taking a traditional break:

Although yes, absolutely go for a walk in the woods if you can. 😉

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