10 Productivity Apps For Starting a New Business
Francesco D'Alessio

Interesting, I didn’t expect a perfect alignment, but a 100% rate either.

That’s not to say these aren’t good — and thankfully we have options. Thank you for putting these together.

Here’s my list, for some alternatives:

  • for calendar management, Fantastical
  • for task management, Todoist (plus whatever my client is using, Trello, Asana, or other; I use Zapier to integrate Asana with Todoist)
  • for habit-building/streak tracking, Productive
  • for note-taking, I just use Apple’s Notes because it’s dead simple and syncs quite well
  • for journaling, Day One
  • for password management, 1Password
  • for reading list, Pocket
  • and for time tracking and invoicing, Freshbooks


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