Apple’s Bet On AR & The Future of UI Design
Hannah White

It’s interesting how we’re still not grasping the implications of AR and VR.

I was watching the Apple event, and all I could think was “Great. We now have hardware fine-tuned for AR, and all we get for content is slightly prettier graphics.” It’s the same thing with more “business-y” content, like advertisement.

We’re embedded in the current paradigm. And nothing shows more how much of a game changer AR/VR will be is how we keep trying to “translate” our current advertising and content production onto it. We’re nowhere near native AR implementations.

It’ll take time, a long time, of course. I just look at all these predictions — many of them marveling at how the vision of Minority Report is coming true; that movie is 15 years old as of 2017! — and keep waiting for someone to say something that’ll actually be the start of the native AR paradigm.