There’s no such a thing as bad fan-art. (And why it’s dangerous to imply otherwise)

Fandom is nothing new, but our relationship to it very much is.

While stemming from the same sociological/psychological roots (or perhaps because we only have accurate data we can evaluate that spans a fraction of the time this behavior existed), today’s perception of fandom comes in a variety of flavors, many of them not flattering.

I’m a geek, a nerd, a dork, and a fan in general (and proud of it!)

Fans rule the world

As I said, we’re living in the age of fandom.

(From Q8Blend)
  1. The internet, and the rise of technology

Fan culture became a driving force of pop culture.

Many of my alternative examples show a certain local quality, as in they were limited in scope, no matter if that scope happened to be larger than anything before.

Rebels by any other name

Fan culture is still not “mainstream”, and by definition, it will never become mainstream either.

Fandom is a fragile treasure of humanity that has to be nurtured and protected

I came across a link on Facebook that struck me as offensive.

Fan-art is an expression of passion

Simple, yes?

  1. a clear byline to identify the author — something The Poke didn’t do;
  2. clear credit to the originals — something The Poke kind of did, by way of a three-letter parenthetical wedged between the last image and their paid content listings in small font, and not even a mention of a name;
  3. the clear understanding of the culture, and the respect with which they approach it, even if the subject is humorous, and the material is criticized — something The Poke didn’t get across in its two lines of original content within the entire article.

Is there such a thing as bad fan-art?

From the title of the article, my answer to this question is an obvious and resounding ‘NO’.



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