DineCasa guidelines for Hosts and Chefs

At DineCasa, we think it’s important to set clear expectations for our Chefs and Hosts. Here are the guidelines that we have set.

For Hosts

  • Provide event date and location when booking
  • Inform Chef of any food allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Ensure Kitchen is clean and tidy before Chef’s arrival
  • Provide directions to your home and access to close parking so that Chef can easily bring the Food
  • Greet and welcome Chef on Site
  • Do a tour of the kitchen with the Chef and provide instructions for handling appliances
  • Be respectful and courteous of Chef(s)
  • Do not communicate with Chef outside of DineCasa platform (the online messaging system will ensure proper tracking)
  • Avoid making last minute modifications to menu
  • Understand that you are hiring a Chef and not a Server or Bartender. If you would like for the Chef to do the table setting and serving, you should ask the Chef beforehand as price may vary.
  • Thank the Chef for their service and provide them with a Review on DineCasa within the next day or two following the event

For Chefs

  • Promptly respond to DineCasa messages and booking requests
  • Confirm date, location and time of event with Host
  • Confirm kitchen tools required from Host
  • Inform the Host if you are bringing anyone to help you
  • Set a time for arrival and ensure ample time for food preparation and cooking
  • Make yourself a checklist to ensure that you do not forget any food items and/or tools
  • Always wear your Chef Uniform
  • Be courteous and respectful of Host and Guests
  • Follow the proper food handling and sanitation practices
  • All food should be cooked on site. Some preparation ahead of time is okay but food should always be fresh and never reheated
  • Comply with any food allergies and dietary restrictions, if applicable
  • Be careful with property and belongings of Host
  • Refrain from eating with Host and Guests
  • Do not communicate with Host outside of the DineCasa platform (the DineCasa messaging system will ensure proper tracking)
  • Tidy up the kitchen before leaving. You should wash anything that you used for prepping and cooking and clean any spilling on the counters and/or floors
  • Don’t forget your personal belongings
  • Thank the Host for their business and remind them to leave a Review for you on DineCasa within the next few days
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