Losing interest and getting back

I am very wildly known for losing interest in things/activities very quickly among my family and friends, I always thought that may be its a good thing, because a great man like Leonardo Da Vinci himself had this same trait to him, he loses interest in things pretty fast and moves on to other things, thank God, there was no Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp back then otherwise god knows what would have happened to all of those inventions, now isn’t that an interesting question though!, but let’s talk about that some other time.

Let’s see five methods which helped me get back on track (Which like always worked only for a little while and I was back to my normal ways, but hey may be they might work for you.)

These are tricks which I use, now these are not some revolutionary new, these are there for as long as I can remember, and this is just my take on these.

  1. Pushing Social Media Under Rug: Now, I’m not saying Social Media is the main cause of all my issues, but sometimes just uninstalling all the apps and deactivating accounts helped me, especially during the exams back when I was in school, there were times when I was using social media even when I was not supposed to like the day before Math test (My Arch nemesis in the childhood, until I graduated). Now by doing this I find myself having ton of time which I otherwise spent of social media, now I think and push myself to be productive (most of the times that’s nagging myself internally to do things).
  2. Trying to understand: This is something which came in really handy, now most of the times in the downward spiral of getting decent grades, we often end up mugging up, and then forgetting all of that as soon as the exam ends (it’s almost like if someone asks me something about a topic after the exam is over I would react as if I didn’t recognize the language they were speaking), now If you really try to understand things learning becomes hell lot of fun, and you’ll not lose your interest almost 90% of the time, this is something I use on daily basis, including workout time, trying to understand the technique of a particular exercise with perfect form and then nailing it every time is something I love doing in the gym day in day out, as I change my work out every 3 months I will have new things to learn and understand.
  3. Making yourself do it: Sometimes pushing snooze on social media or trying to understand things won’t cut it, for example like working out or eating healthy, yeah keeping an Instagram/YouTube account helps, but that at times puts some pressure on you as to you might lose your credibility or followers if you don’t do it regularly, mind you if you started those accounts out of fun, and it got serious or you started it seriously and now its proving to be difficult. Now for situations like this, what I did is, I have stick some visual triggers in my house, workplace, and also think about those at least once or twice a day, as in “Why should I work out, what’s in it for me?”, “Why should I eat well?” (I have a history of surviving on junk food, and gained ton of weight). Even if I fall off the wagon from time to time, I talk myself back into it. How? you ask, I simply sit down, and think about all those things I did and the fun I had for example being at my weight I was never able to jump rope for a but after losing close to 15kilos my PR on jump rope is a 120 seconds nonstop, that felt bloody good. and then seeing some signs of muscular build underneath all of that excess fat, and my clothes finally became loose that now I have to compulsorily wear a belt else, my pants just drop by themselves at the slightest pull down, previously I used to put away clothes because they wouldn’t fit me anymore, now I am putting away few and digging into the depths of my closet to bring all of those old clothes which are almost brand new, to wear them again, this is what is keeping me on track and making me go workout till date, hopefully I won’t grow tired of it.
  4. Reward system: This is a classic, the whole key is to just do the things which you are supposed to do, and treat yourself for doing it because you wouldn’t do it otherwise (Hmm. doesn’t that sound like, you are bribing yourself for doing your job?) personally I’m not a big fan of this, because my mind is smarter than my body, and it’ll make my body go get the reward first and then will forget about the task, and behaves like I’m talking gibberish when I ask it back.
  5. Having a person(s) to support: This is by far the best, if you can find those like minded people who are slightly more determined than you are, and will drag you/nag you/bug you until you do the said task, who’ll go to lengths to make you do it is a bonus if you are somebody who is like me who fakes sickness just to avoid things at times.

So there you go folks, if you find something even better leave it in the comments.