Psychonomic Design

I would like to coin this new term called Psychonomic Design that gives proper focus on designing for the state of mind. It rhymes and pairs well with Ergonomic Design. For over a decade, I have been pushing the possibility of evolving a separate body of knowledge that would focus…

Cognitive Tree Model (CTM) for Design Thinking, Conceptualized by Dinesh Katre

Design Thinking is an interesting attempt at cultivating the culture of innovation across the organization. However, I am in disagreement with the proponents of the design thinking method for misrepresenting and providing a fragmented process in their efforts to make it palatable to non-designers, especially the business management professionals. Therefore…

Misrepresentation of Designer’s Mindset

The title is inspired from the famous book “Games People Play” by Eric Berne. It provides the psychoanalytical theory of Transactional Analysis (TA) for understanding the ego state of individuals and their attempts to take the position of power for survival. Games Designers Play reveals the ploy by designers to…

Dinesh Katre

Ph.D. Human Computer Interaction — I like to study human behavior in the new paradigm of “Design Psychology”.

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