Matte vinyl vs Glossy vinyl

Matte vinyl and its characteristics:

Dinesh Kumar VM
May 11, 2017 · 3 min read

Matte vinyl is the adhesive that does not glare upon exposure to sunlight or any shiny material. Matte vinyl has the textured finish. Matte vinyl is harder to be scratched, and also finger prints are not visible. Matte vinyl is good for framing. Matte vinyl is mostly used in outdoor applications. Matte vinyl can last long for a minimum of up to three-year even if it is exposed to sunlight. Matte vinyl is most economical, and it is suitable for mirrors, glass, walls, etc. Matte vinyl has a rough finishing than the glossy vinyl.

Matte vinyl

Glossy vinyl and its characteristics:

Glossy vinyl is the shiny material mostly used in indoor applications. Glossy vinyl shows the glare effect in it when the indoor light hits on it. Glossy vinyl has very smooth finish when compared with matte vinyl. Glossy vinyl is highly susceptible to fingerprints and smudges if it is handled without gloves, but it can be removed through cloth or liquid solution.

Glossy vinyl

Matte vs Glossy:

The difference between the matte and gloss vinyl is the outlook of the banners, Thus if the banner is to be used in outdoor and must withstand tough weather conditions, high exposure to the sunlight, then we can go for choosing matte vinyl banners. Whereas the application of the banner is for indoor purposes like backdrops for parties or standings for expos, then we can choose the shiny gloss vinyl banners. Thus the selection between the matte and gloss vinyl is based on the application where it is going to be placed.

Matte and gloss vinyl usage:

Matte vinyl printed banners is used in billboards, outside hoardings, window decal and lettering, wall decal, lettering and poster, etc. Whereas glossy vinyl is used in reflective car decal/stickers, backlit film, floor decal signs, reflective, magnetic signs, etc. Thus based on the need and application the decision is taken between the glossy and matte vinyl banners.

What Photographers choose, matte or glossy?

Photographers mostly go for matte vinyl backdrops as it will not produce any glare effect or will not reflect upon flash lights from the camera. Whereas if the glossy vinyl backdrops are used, since it is shiny and reflective when hit by light, it will produce the glare marks in the photos. This is the motive behind the photographers of moving towards the matte vinyl banners.

Matte vinyl photography backdrops

Best matte and glossy vinyl banners in UK:

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