Exploring Repl.it Web Hook — Live Updates

Dinesh Maxi
Aug 9 · 2 min read

Why I am doing here? Just to see how this new try works 😃

Yesterday, I got a challenge. That, I took and doing.

Here, I’m going to do the live updates on my challenge.

Not a coding part. But surely later.

Part 1 :

I learned about web hooks and what It does.

I completed first and worst part(Because I am nee to web hook) of this challenge that I created a web hook for the classroom.

Yes! Its working in the post method.

Finally, Receiving the data of the submissions after 2hours.

Next task is to create the HTML page and put those received data inside the web page.

See you after I had my breakfast.

Part 2 :

Before that I created a mongoDB database to store the data during the submission.

And also I created the get route to send the data to the client which are stored in the database.

In client side, I created a getJSON method in jQuery to send the get request to the server.

Then I implemented like, Once the data is received those data going to be displayed in the chart.

Between that I used the canvasjs for the chart UI.

In Evening, I am going to update the chart with chartjs.

Part 3:

Yes I updated it with chartjs. But I struggled a lot in parsing the date and also confused on what data should be presented on the chart.

Tomorrow, I try to accomplish the task.

Happy night🌃:-)

Sorry! To overcome the promise.

So for now I accomplished this challenge. Almost I spent 6 to 7 days in this challenge.

I overcome lot of stress(As I would like to accept), distraction and negativity.

But I would love to tell that how happy I am now and going to the bed with positivity and full of joy…


As I learnt that once you give 💯 of your self to the work You will definitely get what you want from that work.

So, I would like to share my code to you within some days. I hope not more than a week.

In moral, I did😅

Happy night 🌃… TC!

Dinesh Maxi

Written by

YouTube — https://bit.ly/2FtpWkX, FB — https://bit.ly/2FD9gGE, GitHub — https://bit.ly/2VOOCJo, Twitter — https://bit.ly/2sza3RG, Gitter— https://bit.ly/2HdGzmj

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