5 Things You Must Do to Improve Your PPC Account Performance

PPC advertising can bring out enhanced profits only if it is employed in proper implementation. Optimizing PPC account performance is sometimes tricky.

Good account performance of PPC triggers better revenue generation, ROI and brand image. Where experts strive hard to push boundaries, newbies struggle to build good ads.

Here are some tips that can enhance your account performance with ease.

1. Location Settings

Location setting plays huge importance in improving the performance of PPC account. It is one step further towards increasing ad relevance.

Location setting is important when your business activity is limited to a certain geographic area. The companies which are mainly service base industry and serve in certain areas of any city should pay attention to it.

Utility services like roof repairing, plumbing etc should target audience only to whom they can serve.

Improved Geo-targeting saves your budget from being washed out through irrelevant clicks. Irrelevant clicks not just hamper the entire ad campaign but also hinder its true potential.

Setting up location is very much easy in AdWords. Here you can adjust the reach of your customer through three fields- add, exclude and nearby.

Bing offers similar advanced location options and here you can target visitors under following categories-

1. Show ads to the people about the location they are searching for

2. People searching for or viewing websites similar to your target location

3. People in your target location.

Including the name of the city or region in the keyword list always proves fruitful regarding search query results.

For example, ‘New York Insurance’ is keyword rich name. Each word is a highly potent keyword in terms of getting a high page rank and relevance.

2. Ad Extension

Use of extensions leaves a positive impact on your PPC account performance. Both Bing and AdWords provide different extensions to add extra information in your ads.

The list goes similarly in the case of both AdWords and Bing. The most important aspect of extensions is, they make every ad more user-friendly.

Ads with extensions appear at the top of search results, above organic results.

Extensions available in Bing and AdWords are-

  • Sitelink Extension: Additional link to the specific pages of a website. Customers can directly jump onto his desired page, instead of going through the home page.
  • Location Extension: Shows address or location in Google map. Effective extension for emergency services or utility services that serve on a limited area.
  • Call Extension: Shows phone number along with a call button. If the searcher is viewing it from his smartphone, he can directly make a call by tapping on the call button.
  • App Extension: App extension helps in promoting apps along with the advertisement. If your company has an app, just use the extension to make more people aware of your app.
  • Seller rating annotation: Seller rating annotation comes handy for mainly e-commerce sites and hotel industry. They can include seller rating along with their ad. It includes a rating on the scale of 5 stars.

To make a rating appear, the seller must have 30 reviews within last 12 months. Well, this is quite an impossible thing to achieve. You need to take help from the third-party review service. The campaign must be running in both search and display network.

  • Callout Extension: Offers add an extra edge to ads. With new Callout extensions, you can promote not just offers but can also highlight free shipping or specific message.
  • Review extension: Here customer reviews matter a lot. With this extension, you can add your customer reviews in ads. It makes an ad more comprehensive and can fetch better CTR. Review extensions greatly compliment structured snippet Extension.
  • Structured Snippet Extension: Using this extension you can add extra information, words without spending anything extra. It allows to putting more text in the existing text.
  • Automated Extension Report: With automated extensions, a seller will now be able to monitor how an ad is performing using seller rating and consumer rating, social extensions and previous visits.
  • Product Extension­ (US only): Product extension is Bing exclusive extension available only in the US. Product extension can be used at the campaign level. It cannot be used for textual ads. A single product extension can be added to multiple campaigns. You cannot attach multiple product extensions to a single campaign.

The extension does not cost a single penny while installing. Google only charge the advertiser when they are clicked by visitors. Wise use of extensions enhances CTR or click through rate.

Enhanced CTR impacts quality with great positivism that in turn improves account performance.

3. Search partners are vital

Google search partners are those search engines and websites which together form the search network for Google. Search engines like AOL.com, Ask.com, Dogpile.com, and Lycos.com are Google search partners.

When a visitor, searches for something in Google it shows relevant results including relevant results from its partner sites.

For example eBay, Amazon, Walmart fall under Google search partner list. In short your ads are not restricted to Google sites only. An AOL.com user will also see your ads if he enters a search relevant to your ads.

While setting up AdWords in search network, Google automatically selects ‘Google search and search partner together.

AdWords advertisers usually do not pay much attention to the leads generated in search partner sites. Optimization is important for ads to perform better in search network.

Currently Google and Bing, both allow you to opt out of search or syndicate network. The performance of account depends on the overall performance of every segment.

Many a time, PPC account performance falls due to recording high traffic in Google network but low in search partner network.

The best way to get out of this situation is opting out of Google search partner network.

4. Opportunity Tab

Opportunity tab is a brand new account enhancer in Adwords. It does not enhance performance itself rather it gather important data that can improve your account performance.

True to its name it goes through account history, the performance of each section and finds out better opportunities for you.

Opportunity tab is like helping hand for newbies in AdWords. Most new advertisers lack knowledge in how the workings of AdWords go on.

Old account holders get a clue to make their account outperform their existing performance.

But Google, as usual biased, and wants you to spend more. Their suggestions are inclined toward account expansion rather than saving bucks.

It works on a very small set of data. Its analysis is based on last 7 days data. So, it is evident that its suggestions are not the best thing you can get.

In spite of all knowing negative aspects, just set them aside for a moment, and just go through opportunity tab’s suggestions. You may find something useful for your campaign.

5. Auction Insight

AdWord’s Auction insight gives an elaborate report of each AdWords metrics. Advertisers are always in a maze regarding the auction.

Especially, new advertisers initially find it difficult to gauge the nuances and tidbits of an auction.

Just get through the report; you will get valuable insights to improve your account’s performance.


An account performs better when all metrics fall in right place. Apart from high performing keywords, ad copy etc. things that improve account performance manifold are ad extensions, location settings, opportunity report, search partner and auction report. These elements are often ignored by advertisers.

About Author: Dinesh Thakur is the Co-Founder of Ads Triangle which is a Google Partner and Bing Accredited Agency. He has over 7 years of experience in Pay Per Click Marketing.

Dinesh has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their revenue through PPC. He has expertise skills in Google AdWords and is passionate about Pay Per Click Marketing.