Reasons Why You Should Remarket With Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows a features named as Remarketing in which you can show your ads to the users who have already visited your website in the past.

It is one of the best ways to connect to a visitors who visited your websites but did not complete the desired conversion goal.

With remarketing, you can position your highly targeted ads in front of the audience who had previously visited your website, as they browse somewhere else in the internet.

Remarketing is also known as retargeting. As your past site visitors are already familiar with your brand, hence, they are much more likely to become your customers. Therefore, Remarketing has the potential of increasing your conversion rate as well as the ROI drastically.

1. Highly Targeted Ads

When you are using the technique of remarketing to target your past site visitors, you are already familiar with their search pattern, their likes, dislikes, interests and preferences. This gives you an advantage of creating highly targeted ads according to the choice of your customer.

The search pattern of the visitors might differ. Some might only visit your homepage, the others might have a look at your product page, there may be visitors who even add your product to their cart but do not make a purchase. Therefore, for all different kinds of visitors, you can create different ads that only target to them.

(i) Website Visitors:

For website visitors, you can create ads telling them about the types of product or service that you sell. You can create ads to increase the awareness of your product or service.

(ii) Product Page Visitors:

They are those visitors who viewed your product page but did not add the product to the shopping cart. You can create much targeted ads that shows the products that the visitor viewed along with some similar or recommended products. You can also include a discount or offer in your ads for retargeting the product page viewers.

(iii) Shopping Cart Abandoners:

They are those visitors who added your product in your cart but did not make the final purchase. They are the ones who almost brought their credit cards to make the payment but left due to some reason. The most probable reason could be the price. So, to target the shopping cart abandoners, you should create a more higher discount. You can also add the feature of “Free Shipping” in your ad to entice these visitors to come back to your website.

Besides the ads, you can also create highly targeted and personalized Campaigns according to the actions of your website visitors. Remarketing also makes your ad to appear when the visitors search for the terms that are related to your product/service.

2. Lower Cost Per Click

As the remarketing campaigns are highly targeted, they are only displayed in front of the visitors that visited your product in the past. Owing to the fact that these visitors already know about your product, there are more chances of them to convert. Just because they are highly relevant and specific, the remarketing ads have a much higher Click Through Rate. Under the remarketing concept, your ads becomes super relevant with high CTR, this makes Google reward you with higher Quality Score. A high CTR and higher Quality Score further reduces your Cost Per Click. Having a reduced Cost Per Click saves your Ad Spend that you can use in some other productive work.

In a nutshell, you can also say that Remarketing is a cost effective method to reach the qualified prospects.

3. Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate shows up the percentage of visitors who ended up converting.

Achieving a higher Conversion Rate as well as the ROI is the ultimate goal of any business whether that are dealing online or offline.

Conversion Rate is the most important Google AdWords because it measures whether your efforts are actually working to improve your ROI or not.

As you know that with Remarketing, you can display your ads to the past site visitors who did convert. By this way you can capture the potential customers when they want to make a purchase.

Therefore, one of the advantages of Remarketing is that you can have total control over which visitors you want to target. As, Remarketing targets the people who are already accustomed to your product or service, hence, remarketing brings them to the next step in the buying funnel. This results in converting them thereby increasing your conversion rate.

4. Particular Page and Site Selection

While using the remarketing strategy, you get the liberty of choosing particular landing pages of your website.

It is a point on concern that not all the pages of your website have conversion goals like the Homepage or the About Us page. With Remarketing, you can choose the landing pages that you want to target. Select the landing page on the basis of its performance and contribution in increasing the conversion rate.

You can also view the websites who are performing the best in terms of clicks conversion rates. For example, if one of your chosen websites are not working well i.e. it is sending the users who are not converting, then you can prevent your remarketing ads from being served there.

5. Apt for Ecommerce Business

Remarketing is one of the most effective way of getting back the people who did not complete the desired conversion goal. It is actually a combination of general advertising and more relevance.

When you are using a general AdWords Campaign, you advertise using the keywords and the ads, you further connect your landing pages with the ads. But in this case, you actually do not know about the users that you are targeting. Remarketing gives you an advantage by providing the added information about the users to you. This makes it easy for you to target them according to their interests.

However, the Remarketing is apt for Ecommerce business because it gives you a chance to know your customers. You get the ability to create a specific ad for a visited who visited your particular product page. This gives you a higher chance of converting your visitor into a customer.

Well, for ecommerce business owners, remarketing is not less than a blessing. Just because a visitor has added your product in the cart does not give you the surety that he is going to buy your product. With respect to the following scenario, Remarketing helps you to get that visitor back by adding certain incentives like the discounts, promo codes and even free shipping.

If you deal with seasonal products like umbrella or rain boots, you can use the power of remarketing to sell your products in the off season as well. Remarketing also gives you a chance to cross sell your products to your existing customers.

6. Increased Reach

Remarketing is one of the ways to stay at the top of the mind of your customers.

Remarketing ads are highly reachable as compared to other ads. In Remarketing Campaigns, you can increase and decrease the bids according to the certain locations, audiences and other targeting options.

Being highly targeted and reachable, these ads get displayed in front of the right audience who have higher chances of getting converted. As these ads are specially made for particular customers, so they have a relatively high Click Through Rate which initiates more conversions and helps you to increase your overall ROI.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, Remarketing has the potential of working in favour of you when it comes to increasing the conversions and overall ROI. Remarketing is a way to capture the long lost customers to parted ways from your website. You can also customize your Remarketing ads according to the journey of the visitor on your website.

Remarketing also improves your ROI and saves your Ad Spend. Moreover, if you haven’t started off with Remarketing as yet, I’m afraid you are missing on a golden opportunity to increase your conversion rate.

About Author: Dinesh Thakur is the Co-Founder of Ads Triangle which is a Google Partner and Bing Accredited Agency. He has over 7 years of experience in Pay Per Click Marketing.

Dinesh has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their revenue through PPC. He has expertise skills in Google AdWords and is passionate about Pay Per Click Marketing.