Met my best friend after 3.5 yrs

Today, I met my best friend after 3.5 years. I just want to share something about that moments.

I joined the PSG for my higher secondary studies. There! I met Saravanan and became friends. I just want to end up the school day friendship with one sentence.

He is a good hearted person. How much!? 100%. I am not improvising!

I stored his number on the mobile. But, unfortunately, The mobile stopped working and lost his number. I tried a lot of ways to find him. But, I couldn’t find him. The days went…!

One day, Saravanan send me a friend request on FB. I accepted it and got his number. That was really an “Awww” moment for me.

He finished his B.Sc Maths and joined M.Sc Maths in Kongunadu college. The fortunate here is, It’s a just 2KM distance from my home. Then, We planned to meet but some things didn’t go right and I couldn’t meet him.

That one day came Today and I met him after 3.5 years. I can’t explain my feelings. Let me say, “Wooooooooohoooooooo!”.

I couldn’t see a difference in him without some beard. He didn’t change his character.

Sometimes, I felt that “I’m changed”. I don’t know why!?. But, He is such a gem. As I said earlier, “He is the best person”. He is one of the main reason, “Why I’m somehow being good”.

I’m learning a lot of good things from him without knowing that “I’m really learning”.

Today, I understood that “World is round”

When I write a blog, I really struggle a lot to get a content or sentence. But, This blog’s sentences was coming from inside of my heart.


I’m happy about this day. Thanks for your valuable time!

Day 23. That’s 1 blog, see you tomorrow!