On a warm day of the summer

When you should be out and about

There I was, biting into a pillow

When your mates are fighting over who cheated at ping pong

There I was, wanting to throw the paddles to a wall

As reminiscence of the times we laughed, we cried and we fought flashed before my eyes

There I was, ravaging my head wanting to forget it all

As the pain, the agony, the sorrow eats me from the inside

My heart, my mind and all of my body is clamoring wanting to go numb

Millions of fish…

“I have a brother who’s autistic and I’m trying my best to understand him.” says a brother of an autistic person. We’d hear this more often than not from friends and family of autistic people.

“Why” is the biggest question when it comes to autism. “Why did my child develop autism” is a question frequently asked by parents with autistic children. And we are yet to figure out the answer to that.

The cause for autism is not definite. Many people believe that autism is caused by genetics. A great way to understand the genetical impact on autism is to…

We’ve all listened to rock and metal artists of the 70s and the 80s and thought that music’s Rock and Roll era is dying.

Rock music is something truly magical. All the way from a scintillating intro of a rock ballad to a ground breaking death metal riff, rock music has it all. So it is only natural that every time that we listen to a classic rock song, it takes us on a ride.

When we look at the list of best selling artists of all time, Rock music’s legacy becomes evident. The list of top 25 best selling…

In a day and age where your appearance has far greater value than your emotions and your social image matters more than your real life, we all chew up our struggles and face the world pretending to be “okay”.

We don’t want to look weak in front of our friends, bosses or sometimes even our own family because of the fear of being judged. …

United States of America, a country known for it’s power and wealth. Some people try their whole lives to make the “American dream” come true. But is there a nightmare hidden within the “American dream”.

Think of 5 serial killers off the top of your head. You’d probably think of people like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, The Unabomber and Ed Kemper. Notice the similarity between all of them? Yes, they’re all American.

Remember the recent school shootings? Those too happened in America.

America stands out among other countries in the world when it comes to murders. Out of all the…

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced an impeachment hearing on US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, 24th of September.

An impeachment is a process in which the legislature of the country can bring charges against a government official. An impeachment by itself is not capable of removing the official from office. Once a person is impeached by a legislature, a formal hearing on the charges will be carried out and the impeached person can be convicted by a legislative vote, mostly by a supermajority. …

From Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, we’ve been on a steep decline in terms of standards of the music industry. Sadly, this decline is not limited to the music industry. Community standards are lowering rapidly and “Quality Over Quantity” has turned into somewhat of a fairytale.

Commercialization is the main culprit for this tragedy. Everything is done to get the click. Thus, we’ve found ourselves in a day and age where the number of views matters a lot more than the actual quality of the content. …

Dineth Lankaloka

Journalist based in Melbourne writing for Hatch Macleay.

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