“Dine”, fixes the biggest issue found with other dating apps and sites.

Now available on the Apple app store!

March 16th, 2016 — Hot new startup Mrk & Co who plans to revolutionize the online dating scene think’s endless swipes from left and right get old, especially when your matches constantly turn into dead end conversations that leave you dateless and frustrated. Dine, which is now featured on the Apple app store, cuts out all the funny business by matching you with real people interested in real dates. Now available in the US and Canada, Dine offers busy Millennials a new, fun and efficient way to meet singles in half the time of other dating apps on the market.

Dine requests all users to select up to three restaurants, bars or cafes where they wish to go on a first date with their matches. Each day, the app displays different candidates and their restaurant wish lists. If the user is interested in any of the candidates, he or she will pick a place from the wish list and send a Dine request. If the matched user accepts the request, the two will be able to text chat directly to arrange a date at a mutual time.

“Mainly speaking, all of the trending dating apps currently out there have an extremely low date rate (number of matches to actual date’s ratio). People match and then spend hours if not days conversing about weather, work, etc. People who matched through Dine usually open up their initial conversation with “when can you meet?” According to user records from our limited launch in Vancouver, Dine fixes this issue with more than 50 percent of users who connected with their matches on the app actually met in person within two weeks,” said Keisuke Kamijo, CEO of Mrk & Co.

Dine allows it’s users to use all features for free but also offers a premium plan which allows you to send and accept unlimited requests from Dine’s most popular users (for a monthly fee of $16.66).

To download the app or for more information on Dine visit: 
https://itunes.apple.com/app/id964735828/ (US/Canada only)

If you would like to learn more about Dine and our team, or if you would like to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact:

Michael H. Tudda: Marketing Director 
Email: michael.tudda “at” mrk.co
Company: Mrk & Co

About Mrk & Co

We are a start-up that was created in July 2015. Our main business currently is the development and operation of Dine, and our aim to address certain core issues with existing online dating services and become the most popular Dating App worldwide. Our company name Mrk & Co comes from our goal to leave our mark on the world.

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