Dine Gives Pokémon Go lovers a Chance to Match, Poké Date and fall in Love

July 28th, 2016, New York City — Pokémon Go, the social game that took the world by storm has paved the way for many other companies to follow. Dine, the dating app that isn’t about superficial love at first sight, but an opportunity to experience someone’s company and a new culinary adventure has hopped on the Pokémon Go mania bandwagon just this week by adding a “Let’s catch Pokémon” feature. This new feature allows Dine users to notify potential matches that catching Pokémon as an idea for a first date is an option. In other words, how about meeting up for a Poké Date?

Dine app CEO, Keisuke Kamijo, stated the following in response to the recent phenomenon which inspired the new feature, “Generally speaking, dating user profiles can only tell you so much about a person. The two main driving forces that will lead users to engage with a potential match is physical attraction and similar interests. Many of our users are currently playing Pokémon Go so we felt like giving our users a new and fun way to make character connections with potential matches. Plus, doesn’t going on a Poké Date sound fun? Why go alone when you can go together”?

By turning on the“Let’s catch Pokemon” feature, notify other users that you are down for a Poke Date!

This update came along with the official launch of Dine’s new UI for the United States and Canada. This underdog dating app prides itself as the app that leads to actual dates through effectively increasing the embarrassingly low date rate (number of matches that result in actual dates) that weighs an enormous burden on users engaging on other dating apps. “Mainly speaking, all of the trending dating apps currently out there have an extremely low date rate. People match and then spend hours if not days conversing about hobbies, work, etc. People who matched through Dine usually open up their initial conversation with “when can you meet?” According to user records from tests we made on our UI in Canada, Dine fixes this issue with more than 50 percent of users who connected with their matches on the app actually met in person within two weeks. With the new UI change were able to increase the number of actual dates made by a threefold now that users can send each other Dine requests more comfortably.”, said Keisuke Kamijo.

Dine made its official launch in March 2016 and was featured by Apple on the app store under “Best New Apps” and is available on the United States and Canadian app store as a free download. Dine is a free to use dating app with the option to subscribe to a premium plan for a monthly fee of $16.66 which gives users more value through added features.

Dine thinks a Poke Date makes for a great first date so make sure to watch this video!

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