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I wrote recently about how companies can so easily mistake their party culture for an effective working culture. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit recently, and have been considering ways of fostering not only a healthy sense of pride in people’s work but also fostering their desire to pursue extra responsibility.

When I left my last role, I did so because I saw a distinct lack of trust between the business and its people. What I continue to see, however, is even more alarming.

The business recently decided to advertise a new role which focused on providing a leadership capability for the teams and advertised how they don’t just give people the title of ‘Lead’. It’s an interesting thought when a business says this because it raises the question ‘what does this actually mean?’ …

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It’s been a long road towards my self-acceptance. I’ve been battling with my notions of self-doubt and self-hatred for almost as long as I can remember. Recently, through the help of my loving and caring partner, I am now at a point where I feel like I have truly accepted myself and my being.

You may read this article thinking “wow, what an idiot”, and I honestly could not disagree. It has been a long road to recovery for me from my self-image.

At the time of writing this article, I am 28 years of age.

Name calling

Since I was a young child, my name had always been the starting point of targeted bullying. The name “Dingli” was definitely uncommon where I lived, which was an area more commonly populated by traditional “white” names like “Smith” and “MacDonald”. As young as 6, when I entered the first grade, my surname felt like a curse. The name calling in the schoolyard never really stopped as I grew up. …

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A lot of businesses, particularly in the Brisbane region, have been increasingly searching for user experience (UX) designers but I’m often left confused as to why the work completed by these UX designers falls short as far as solving actual problems is concerned.

See, it’s really easy for a business to hear that user experience design is important, and to follow up by hiring a user experience designer. The problem with this, however, is the business usually doesn’t know what a user experience designer does. …

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In my career as a software engineer, I’ve been in and out of both startups and larger corporations. Whenever I joined somewhere new there has always been one cliche phrase which the company has used to try and ‘sweeten’ the deal.

“We have a great work culture.”

My last role attempted to take this incredibly seriously. They spoiled us on a daily basis. When most companies would stop at things like beer o’clock on a Friday afternoon, the People and Culture team would go above and beyond.

We were provided things like:

  • Two fully stocked beverage fridges
  • A fully stocked cupboard and breakfast…


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Dad. Software engineer. Lover of technology and design thinking. I'm available for freelance. Email me at

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