Javascript, The Good Parts

JavaScript, The Bad Parts

  • It’s not strongly typed, it has a clunky object model, it has global variables by default and more…

Javascript, The Good Parts

  • It’s the only language that I know that a large amount of non-programmers have been able to use (1),
  • The Web is often the user interface of a JavaScript code. The Web Inspector (2) is a powerful tool that let you iterate quickly on the user interface. The iterations are way faster than when writing a native app: tweak a CSS value and immediately see the result without any compile time. And it’s interesting that React Native is bringing that capability to the native apps.

If you’d like to learn to write JavaScript code, I recommend JavaScript: The Good Parts (3)

  1. SQL (4) is probably an other one.
  2. Web Inspector or equivalent is available in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  3. I shamefully used the title of that book for the article on purpose.
  4. Interestingly, SQL is Turing complete.