Witness many cases of 15 -to -18 year-old kids living rebelliously, that turn the relationship between them and their parents into being put to a nonplus, I personally feel sympathetic with those parents and also comprehend that there is a need for an orientation for parents and kids at such complicated ages.

Do have a quick look at the typical reaction of parents when finding out their children making mistakes, being stubborn or not being listened to advice. Parents angrily curse, scold at kids and find all ways to prohibit them from doing things that they deem as idiotic things, with the unquestioning desire of that their kids will be on the right track .

I still remember once being told a tragic story about a teenage girl who committed a mistake of stealing a book which she likes at a school library. By the time her teacher called to announce, her parents immediately punished her by whipping. In non interruption, they execrated: “We fucking lost face because of you. Why are you being such corrupt and noneducational ? Keel down, you little shit.”

She finally ended up by taking her own life in disgrace. She hanged herself after getting done her suicide note…

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