Environment-Friendly Bowls at Serrano!

At the University of New Hampshire, we are always looking for ways to be more environment-friendly. One of the biggest changes we have made this year is switching out the containers for a specialty salad at the Union Court. Hundreds of students order Serrano Salads at Union Court every day, and the old foil and plastic containers were creating a huge amount of waste. We now serve the salads in compost-friendly bowls, and the change they are making is noticeable! Union Court supervisors have noticed a highly decreased amount of trash generated, and say they feel very positive about the change. Instead of the plastic covers that used to come with every salad, if a student wants their salad to-go they can ask to have it wrapped up. The new bowls are from a company called Southern Champion, who has taken a green initiative to ‘offer environmentally focused packaging solutions’ and ‘improve their internal environment performance in measurable ways’. We are very excited about this step on our sustainability journey, and we hope you are too!

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