PHA Compliant Changes at UNH

You may have noticed that there have been some menu changes at your favorite UNH cafés and stores lately. In an effort to coincide with the criteria for PHA, we’ve made some small changes. PHA is the Partnership for a Healthier America, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. PHA is focused on ‘making healthier choices affordable and accessible to families and children across America.’ UNH is one of many colleges and universities across the country that have teamed up with PHA’s healthier campus initiative.

By joining the healthier campus initiative UNH has committed to meet 23 guidelines that have been developed by PHA. In order to meet these guidelines, we’ve made some small changes at The Wildcatessen, Chick’n Kitchen, and Artisan Fresh. These changes focus mainly on streamlining the menus. We wanted to make sure we kept what’s important to our customers while staying within the PHA guidelines. The Chick’n Kitchen inside of Union Court underwent the largest and most exciting menu change. Now, instead of select menu sandwiches, the menu is a build-your-own sandwich board which makes the options endless. You’re able to choose crispy or grilled chicken, vegetable choices, cheese options, sauces, and extra add-ons. In addition to the new menu style, you are still able to buy the crowd-pleasing sides of crispy chicken or french fries. We have cut down on our offerings of fried foods, but the favorites remain available.

These small menu changes were made in attempt to offer our students the healthiest choices that we are able to. It will never be a goal to decrease variety or to take away beloved menu items. We know that by following the 23 guidelines given by PHA we are giving our students the best options available.

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