UNH Dining Wins Best Vegan Recipe

Vegan Pad Thai

We are excited to announce that UNH Dining has earned the bronze medal in the NACUFS (National Association of College & University Food Services) “Best Vegan Recipe” contest! The contest recognizes dining programs that meet the dietary needs of guests as well as incorporates healthy and alternative foods.

Our Vegan Pad Thai is a great source of protein while also being free of animal products. The recipe was created by UNH dietetic interns with the help of Dining’s Executive Chef’s. In addition to protein-rich tofu canola oil was used to provide the dish with fatty acids, omega-3 which is beneficial to heart health and omega-6. These can often be hard to acquire in a Vegan diet.

Other ingredients included bell peppers, a good amount of vitamin A and vitamin C which benefit the immune system. Scallions in the dish are an excellent form of Vitamin K which helps with blood clotting. Broccoli added a significant amount of fiber to promote healthy digestion. The red onions added antioxidants which reduce inflammation while the onion’s sulfur content is associated with improved cardiovascular function. Finally, the sunflower seeds on the top of the dish provide a wonderful source of essential amino acids.

To learn more about what NACUFS is click here: https://www.nacufs.org/