thoughts: I truly believe in the power of people bringing about extraordinary positive change.

As I find myself in the epicenter of tech and innovation I see so many gifted, intellectual, hypersensitive, magical human begins who are capable of so much. It makes me envision bees working away at their great ideas that may have some impact in this crazy world. I feel their dreams of contributing positively to change in society. I see talent, brilliance, genius in most of their eyes. I see that spark as they explain their product/service/idea but that spark quickly fading as they don’t know if their product is good enough. Often times I notice their eyes searching into mine for validation to almost prove to themselves that their work is good enough. Belief seems to be lacking…

Silicon valley can be a very intimidating place for creatives that want to express themselves willingly and openly. As much as we think that we have build a platform to help creatives/change makers comfortably express and get their ideas out there I think we have a long way to go. Spreading encouragement, belief, and knowledge are key, but it seems to me that these are not easily shared in the business, analytical world. BELIEF in humanity is what should unite us all to make a lasting impact for generations to come!

Let’s all learn from creatives.. They share freely, openly, unassumingly amongst each other because they understand the true value of Collaboration and true Team work. Where knowledge and experiences are shared selflessly and used to create something bigger than themselves.