The Cloud

In relation to the computing, the cloud is referred to as a system of servers, storage, and applications being delivered to an organization of computers through the use of the Internet. Instead of using your personal hard drives, you can use the cloud to access and store information and other sources of data via the Net. The capabilities of such clouds are often related to the size of the user; whether it can be for personal use for an individual or for the purpose of supporting a large organization. As clouds may seem like the most ideal option for storing data, there are some things to keep into consideration. Without having access to the Internet, your data will not be accessible which makes it more difficult to attain due to the constraints. In comparison to a real life scenario, a cloud can be compared to a personal storage unit. The things that people cannot fit or do not want to allocate space for at home, they can store it at these containers. However, it is also similar in the way that it cannot be easily as accessible if the goods are not at home and you must actually travel to the facility to gain access; whereas the cloud you need the Internet. Furthermore, the similarities include security related benefits as both the cloud and storage units allow users to have the peace of mind, knowing that their data or belongings are kept in good care and is very safe.

There are various services that generally promote the sole purpose as cloud usage where users are able to store their data such as files, photos, videos, and other various forms of media. For example, apple users get privileged access to iCloud where they can safely store their documents to prevent their devices from going to maximum capacity. Also, a more universally used server called DropBox is popular amongst individuals who are looking to save and share their documents so they have easy access wherever they are. Consumers also use Photobucket as a way to save videos and photos where they can create personal online albums which they can only have access to at any given place and time, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

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