May 3, 2019

2 min read

13th sales month — Breakfast

Learn all about saving valuable customer facing sales time by eliminating sales time wasters during our first 13th Sales Month Breakfast.

What are you having for breakfast? We’re having expert insights on sales productivity, interactive workshops on sales time waster elimination, and a discussion on your biggest sales challenges.

Join us on 21 May 2019 during our “13th Sales Month Breakfast Event” in Wagenoord (Mechelen). Enjoy your morning coffee and learn all about saving valuable customer facing sales time by eliminating sales time wasters. Creating a 13th sales month to your year. All included in one power hour.

🔎 Valuable insights from sales professionals
☕ Fresh coffee and delicious breakfast
💬 Networking with like-minded sales enthusiasts
🎓Free training and workshops
⏱ Power hour on your way to work

Presentations from sales professionals

With presentations by Jan Dheedene (CEO of d!nk) and Bruno Desmet (Managing Partner of House of Sales). Together, these two wolves have over 35 years of sales experience, and are dedicated to help you improve sales productivity and sales results.

- The 13th Sales Month (Jan)
- What behaviour allows sales professionals to excel (Bruno)

Workshop1: Thrills and Spills Sales people, by Bruno

What’s your biggest sales challenge? We’ll tackle your 1 million euro questions, while you get the chance to discuss your daily sales difficulties with other sales reps. Bruno, our expert in the field, is the best at providing you with the advice you need.

Workshop2: Stop wasting sales time, by Dieter

What’s your biggest sales time waster? During this workshop we’ll be giving you the best ways to win valuable customer facing sales time, and a closer look into the possibilities of d!nk. Discover how solutions of d!nk actually work, and how they can easily be rolled out in your company.

Get ready for the best breakfast you’ll ever have. Enjoy!

  • Initiative by d!nk, in close cooperation with THoS in promotion and content.

Free Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.be/e/13th-sales-month-breakfast-tickets-61219509200?ref=ecount

What would you do with an extra month of sales time? d!nk frees up to 15% of sales time, by focussing on the daily reality of sales people.

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