d!nk obtains Microsoft “Co-sell Ready” status

d!nk receives recognition from the American technology giant for the development of SalesMatik, a Sales Enablement application that has convinced dozens of international customers in the past few years.

Opening up to the international market

For d!nk, the Co-sell Ready status is the start of a promising collaboration with the multinational. Eric Martens, Partner Development Manager at Microsoft, explains: “The Co-sell Ready program brings innovative software solutions to the attention of our sales teams around the globe. Jan Dheedene, founder and CEO of d!nk, is delighted: “The partnership with Microsoft is an enormous opportunity for growth with large customers in new markets.”

Passion for sales

The software company from Belgium develops smart, interactive sales solutions so sales reps can spend more time with their customers and sell more. Jan Dheedene himself is very passionate about this: “More time and attention for customers is the basis of success for every company. With SalesMatik, companies can eliminate the main sales time wasters. The results are tangible: sales people get an extra month per year with their customers!”

Seamless integration with Microsoft applications

SalesMatik integrates out-of-the-box with Microsoft’s business and office applications. “Customers do not want long integration processes, but look for solutions that are closely linked to their existing platforms. SalesMatik adds a mobile and interactive dimension to familiar applications like Dynamics and Office 365. The partnership with Microsoft highlights this advantage!

Reviewed and approved

SalesMatik runs on Microsoft Azure, the fastest grower in the public cloud domain, and candidates for the Co-Sell Ready program have to meet certain criteria. Eric Martens explains: “ISVs can only obtain Co-sell Ready status if the solution meets administrative, commercial and technical standards. We need to ensure overall quality before we allow solutions to the program.”

Software Catalogue

The co-sell ready program ensures that SalesMatik is now also included in Microsoft’s AppSource catalogue and Azure Marketplace. This gives potential customers easy access to the software, and they can immediately experience the benefits with our free trial.




What would you do with an extra month of sales time? d!nk frees up to 15% of sales time, by focussing on the daily reality of sales people.

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What would you do with an extra month of sales time? d!nk frees up to 15% of sales time, by focussing on the daily reality of sales people.

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