Family Life 2.0

God loves gay families and the Catholic Church should too

Catholics are pro life and pro family. Both make sense to me. They state our values. Catholics are against birth control and against marriage equality. Neither make sense to me. These are rules of doctrine to propagate the faith through population growth.

The Church is holding on to these old rules beyond their usefulness. We have vastly different sorrows in our society today that are literally starving for our attention. Population growth is not the single guiding force for humanity that it once was. Now, equally important, perhaps even more so, we need to learn to take care of the babies, children, the living and dieing souls we already have.

We are no longer little villages in ancient history who have the same instinct of an endangered species where every male sperm is needed or every female egg must be fertilized. We are a diverse, growing, global people aware of our neighbors sufferings, needs, homelessness, and poverty. In the age of information we can no longer live our lives in ignorant bliss in a belief system that supports only the biological family to the exclusion of everything else. I believe we are breaking loose of this single minded life scenario created so long ago. We are expanding to become more inclusive as evidenced in marriage equality and diversity awareness all around the developed world.

The responsible use of artificial birth control slows down population growth certainly. Homosexual relationships slows population growth naturally and has shifted our social mores trajectory away from one single procreative, hetero-normative mindset toward a more inclusive loving understanding of what it means to be a human family. If we are not driven by the exclusive imperative to individual procreation, maybe we will become better people who learn to care for others in a broader sense to deal with our global problems. Consider this. What part of ego makes us think there is something so special about passing on our own genes? It may even seem a little selfish if you think about it to keep having new babies when so many are already born and desperately needing food, clothing, shelter, and love. Not only babies, but grown children, and adults, and seniors need love too and will receive none.

While most heterosexual couples continue to have babies, some may choose to adopt children who need loving homes instead, but usually have their own. And what is God’s plan for homosexual couples who do not naturally make babies? Doesn’t it seem obvious now as the voice of the gay community is heard in church and state? Gay couples are life-giving for families too. If our gay brothers and sisters had been valued and respected throughout time, we might have seen they are a natural safety net in this human family life of ours. Imagine all the discarded children gay couples might have made homes for and saved from poverty if they themselves hadnt been proclaimed as outcast and unworthy. Isnt it possible that the Catholic Church missed the true meaning of Gods sexual orientation design?

Marriage equality is consistent with pro family life values and yet the religious rule against it dominates the true value for it. Now that marriage equality laws exist in many developed countries, maybe we will finally see Gods goodness in creating a percentage of us with different sexual orientations not necessarily driven to procreation. I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us. We just have to step out of our own way. Loosen the grip. Let go of the olive branch. Trust in the goodness of God.

A married life of covenant love may be truest to the nature of God’s love for all of us. Therefore, we can all aspire to love, live married lives, raise children, or care for others. Covenant relationships help us to grow, discover our purpose, and to ultimately learn to serve others. Our answers to many of todays problems remain in family life, but that includes every one of us, call it 2.0. Family 2.0 is a corrected version of heteronormative dominance that fixes the operating systems to include more options, better functioning. As we constantly evolve as God’s people, the Church as usual lags behind. The Holy Spirit is always our advocate even when the institutions are not.