Difference between Cosmetic Turmeric vs Food Grade Turmeric Types | Turmeric exporters in Erode, India

As one of the turmeric exporters in Erode and Tamilnadu, we have experienced our turmeric buyers from various part of the world asking questions about this peculiar question so we took some time to address what is the difference between turmeric used in cosmetics and turmeric used in foods.

When it comes to Turmeric in India, Using of turmeric for skin and using of turmeric in food are the two types of turmeric,

The one that is used for cosmetic is known as Wild Turmeric which is botanically called as Curcuma Aromatica.
The one that is used for food is known as Regular Turmeric which is botanically called as Curcuma Longa

Let’s look characteristic benefits of these two types of turmeric from our experience of being turmeric exporters in erode,which is the turmeric hub of south India.

Wild Turmeric — Curcuma Aromatica:

This wild turmeric in India has different local names. In Tamil, it is called Kasthuri Manjal and In Hindi, It is called Jangli Haldi. Wild Turmeric gives medicinal smell and it is less flamboyant in colour than the regular turmeric. Wild turmeric is gentle on the skin where women use it for beauty purpose. Wild turmeric is expensive than regular turmeric due to the characteristics and demand. This type of turmeric is used in cosmetics and other beauty products

Regular Turmeric — Curcuma Longa:

The regular turmeric also has different local names. In Tamil, It is simply called Manjal and In Hindi, it is called Haldi. Regular turmeric gives more vivid yellow colour with distinctive flavour that has very good staining properties. This type of turmeric is used in food and also has very good anti-inflammatory purposes so which it is used for treating common cold and cough by mixing it in sweetened milk.

Applying any turmeric with limited quantity on your face or wound will give very good results. These are the two different type of turmeric cultivated in India. For more information on Turmeric in India. Click on the link Turmeric Cultivation methods

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